Modelling of emergency room patient pathways and optimization of care



Main objectives

- Develop a generic, customizable and high confidence flow simulation tool for emergency facilities.

- To test different organizations, adaptations or solutions in a risk-free environment for patients.

- Enriching expert opinions with results objectivized by mathematical analysis, from the initial screening stage

The URGE project is the winner of the Bernoulli Lab Challenge. It is supported by the AP-HP Foundation and its donors.

Methodology/Technology used

- Develop a model of emergency structures based on Petri nets and queues - Develop a specific simulation module dedicated to emergency structures - Obtain analytical formulas expressing performance metrics as a function of resources and processing times - Develop a sorting tool - Evaluate the impact of initial patient triage methods


Youri Yordanov () & Xavier Allamigeon ()


AP-HP, Inria, FHU IMPEC, Plateforme de recherche Est Parisien

Other projects



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Names of partners involved
AP-HP, Inria & Centrale Supélec

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