Augmented brain monitoring solution for general anesthesia to reduce the risk of postoperative complications
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Main objectives

AlphaBrain is developing advanced AI-based medical brain monitoring technologies to inform and assist anesthetists in real time during surgery.

This project is being matured at the Inria Startup Studio and hosted by the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris.

It is co-led by David Sabbagh and Valentin Iovene, both Inria PhDs in AI.
AlphaBrain also benefits from the medical expertise of Pr. Fabrice Vallée's team, the technical expertise of Alexandre Gramfort (former Inria Research Director, now at Meta) and the business expertise of Pierre Haren (pioneering Inria start-up).

AlphaBrain won the national i-PhD competition, organized by Bpifrance, and is a winner of the French Tech Lab grant, which will enable it to accelerate its business development.



David Sabbagh () & Valentin Iovene () & Fabrice Vallée ()


AP-HP, Inria (équipe-projet MIND, ex PARIETAL)

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Names of partners involved
AP-HP, Inria & Centrale Supélec

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