Augmented hemodynamic monitoring solution coupled with an alert and decision support tool to reduce the risk of intraoperative complications
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Main objectives

AnaestAssist is an innovation project based on research results obtained by the Inria M3DISIM team and the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Lariboisière Hospital (APHP).
AnaestAssist should increase monitoring by providing relevant physiological signals that are not measured by simulation, to alert on the risk of hypotension episode and to predict the cardiovascular response in different pharmacological administration scenarios.
AnaestAssist has received early stage support from the Inria Startup Studio program, and will now seek funding to develop prototypes and validate them in clinical studies.
AnaestAssist in the operating theatre - © Inria / Photo B. Fourrier



François Kimmig () & Fabrice Vallée ()


AP-HP, Inria (M3DISIM, joint projet-team with Ecole Polytechnique)

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Names of partners involved
AP-HP, Inria & Centrale Supélec

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